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Submission of projects

Method to propose a France HADRON project

One of the main objective of France HADRON is to promote and guide research in hadrontherapy. To do this, The France HADRON infrastructure may finance access to beam time. France HADRON may finance beam time for foreign research teams in the frame of a collaboration with France HADRON team.

Chronology of a beam time follows these steps:

1- Identification of a relevant irradiation platform using your parameters and the XLS document:

 tableur xls

2- Submission of the filled document on the France HADRON web site:

- Document to fill: Soumission de projet.doc

- To upload here in the right WP file in the download area

3- Review by the WP leader

4- Feedback by the WP leader / potential modifications

5- Oral presentation in front of the Experience Committee

6- Project ranking

7- Technical validation and expertise of experience by the platform

8- Planning of experiments with the platform / discussions on technical implementation

9- Experimental set up / Security visits the device

10- Carrying out the experiment / dismantling of the experimental device

11- Sign the "attestation de service fait" below, and send the document to Mr. Guillaume Larose.


Attestation de service fait

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